Choose hair extension you want

If you have made up your mind to get hair extensions, it is necessary for you to take the following problems into consideration in order to make sure they won’t make you disappointed.

First of all, you should consider the cost. Generally speaking, the cost lies on the type of hair extensions that you opt for that include the synthetic and human hair extensions. The latter is from real human hair so that it is much easier to create a new and natural look compared with the former. What is more, you can treat it like you own hair. That means you can wash, curl and straighten it without fear of doing damage to the hair. Due to these advantages, human hair extensions are always in expensive price. If you really look forward to creating your present appearance and hope they can last for a long time, it is advisable to apply the latter.

Human hair extensions

Second, the time it takes to apply the extensions. As we all know that in terms of the implementation technique they can be divided several types. They have got their own features so that you need to spend different length of time getting them. For example, if you are going to apply clip on hair extensions, you can have added extra tresses with short time involved. Or the micro braids are your choice, you need to have enough patience because you will find yourself sitting in the salon chair for hours from the break of day until the sun goes down.

Clip on hair extension

At last, it is time to determine which type you are more interested in. there are a number of various types of  hair extensions available. As mentioned, they have their advantages. The common types include fusion hair extensions; clip on hair extension and so on. You can know about them ahead of time, or if you really have no idea of how to make a wise decision, it is a good idea to ask the hairdressers for advice. Usually they are more experienced and professional and they will offer you perfect suggestion according to your needs.

Nail hair extension

Tape hair extension

Hair bulk

Hair weft

Skin weft

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