One of the biggest benefits of having a wig (no matter how much hair is under there) is that wigs are considered a "protective style," meaning that your wig will protect whatever is underneath it. Wearing wigs allows you the opportunity to deep condition and protect the scalp and/or the hair underneath your wig, giving it the opportunity to reach its maximum health.

It's easy…you simply condition your scalp or hair by applying your favorite deep conditioner generously throughout your bio hair. Once your hair is thoroughly coated, wrap it all up and put it under a wig cap. The wig you wear all day will help warm the conditioner and give your hair that deep conditioning it is craving. The results are absolutely beautiful!

Wearing a wig keeps you from having to chemically treat or use heat on your hair so often. It is a great way to achieve perfect hair on the outside while working your way to beautiful hair on the inside!