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370 lace wig is a new wig product released in 2019. It's an upgraded version of 13*6 lace front wigs and 360 wigs. It combines the advantages of 13x6 lace front wigs and 360 wigs. The newly developed 370 lace wig's cap structure combines the structural features of the 13*6 lace front wigs and 560 lace frontal wigs. It has a new upgrade natural hairline with 6-inch deep parting.

The 370 lace wig can be part of any way and styled like your own hair.
370 lace wigs will cost a bit more than 360 lace wigs. But the price you will pay is totally worth its value.

As a newly developed wig product, only a few  the companywide sellers sell 370 lace wigs now, click the below link to take a look at best-selling 370 lace wigs for now:


Curly hair is a great beauty asset, but it can be very difficult to style. For instance, it's difficult to cut curly hair in an interesting and attractive manner. If you are considering cutting bangs on your curly hair, be careful. Do it correctly so that your bangs look good whether they are blown out or allowed to dry naturally.

Dampen your hair using the spray bottle. It should not be sodden, but you should be able to easily comb through the hair. It is not necessary for the hair to be so wet that it hangs straight.

Arrange your hair as you would normally wear it. For example, if you part it on the side, then your part should be on the side now. This will help you see where your bangs will fall.

Pull the hair that you want to cut down across your face into bangs. Go easy at first. You can always cut more, but you cannot put hair back later.

Cut the bang slightly longer than you think that you want it to be. Depending on how curly your hair is, you might want to allow as much as an entire inch extra. When your hair dries, it will spring back into position. This is always an issue, even with straight hair, but curly hair requires much more leeway.

Angle your scissors at about a forty-five-degree angle. Because you have curls, you are simply unable to have a straight bang without flat ironing your hair. The angle will let your wear your bangs naturally as well as styled.

Check your results. As your hair dries, monitor your results. If they are not quite what you hoped, then re-wet your hair using the spray bottle and trim a little more. It is far better to have this take several tries than to hurry through the first time.

Knowing how to recondition wigs keeps you looking your best when you need to wear them. Reconditioning makes an old, matted wig look new, shiny and silky. Using minimal materials you can recondition wigs with ease at home. This eliminates the need for professional cleaning services. It also saves you from having to purchase new wigs.

1. Fill a 20-oz. spray bottle with 5 oz. of heavy cream hair conditioner. Use a dense conditioner that is formulated for dry and damaged hair. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water. Secure the lid on the bottle and vigorously shake it to disperse the conditioner throughout the water.

2. Lightly spray the entire surface of the wig with the solution.

3. Use the wide-tooth comb to gently detangle the wig. Start at the ends, combing downward, and work your way up. Spray the hair a second time, if needed, without saturating it. Comb the hair with the wide-tooth comb until it is smooth and free of knots.

4. Rub a small amount of olive oil between the palms of your hands. Smooth your hands evenly over the wig.

5. Run the comb through the hair a final time. This distributes the light application of olive oil through the hair of the wig and gives it a healthy-looking sheen.

Medical wig

Generally applicable to the customers had experienced head surgery or chemotherapy, after the first is required for this customer wig more comfortable, because the net bottom direct contact with the scalp, so the wig use fabrics more demanding, generally used in A kind of material to contact with the skin. Soft materials are more suitable for skin without causing inflammation and irritation.

Good air permeability is helped heal the wound, the top of the head pore can be free to breathe.

You should have good stability after wearing them.

Traditional clips cannot be used and the best option is to use the elasticity of the fabric to secure a wig.

The hair is more natural and healthy.

The fidelity requirement is higher.

The location of the distribution line is often used for hand delivery.

Fashion wig

Fashion wigs require more hairstyles, generally more suitable for white hair, or frequent hair coloring, often changing the hairstyle of customers.

Many customers pursue the novel, changeable, more styles fashion wig, suitable for different occasions, so hairstyle is the first choice.

Wear a fashion wig and fix your hair, so the cap is usually about 1~2cm larger than your head.

Fashion wigs suit to match for many different occasions, so the wig-wearing time is not too long. The requirement of the process of fashion wigs are less strict than medical wigs. So the process cost is cheaper than medical wigs. However, if it is worn for a long time, are advised to choose a hand-woven technology of permeability is better.

Wigs are easy and convenient to wear and style especially when you don’t want to do too much damage to your own hair. And if you are a beginner of wigs, there are some points you need to know before buying a wig.

Firstly, hairstyle.

We usually do not want to take a risk to change our look. If you feel different from your wig, then it’s ok. You can try some styles and colors that you think may suit you.

Secondly, the color.

You can choose whatever color you like, however, a safe color that you feel comfortable with is highly recommended. For the most natural look, we usually suggest natural black or rooted one or wigs with highlight.

Thirdly, the time you can spend on styling your wigs.

If it is a wig that needs a lot of time to style, then you should think that it may not suitable for an everyday look.

Fourthly, your budget.

Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs. But human hair wigs are basically more durable and with better quality than synthetic ones.

Doubleleafwig offers the perfect wig

9A—Doubleleafwig 6" Deep Parting Front Wig Virgin Human Hair Silk Straight Pre-plucked Lace Front Wig D23

9A—Dominiqe A. Undetectable Lace Wig Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 6" Deep Part 360 Lace Wig With Transparent Dream Swiss Lace D22

Dominique A. Pre-plucked Dream Swiss Lace Glueless Curly Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs With Undetectable Lace D28

Human hair wigs for black women of all qualities, brands, and origins will change throughout the time you’ re are wearing them, however, they can be revived with the correct care to restore their manageability and appearance.

If your lace wigs are looking tired, you can help bring them back to life with a few quick and easy steps.

Step 1:Pre Wash Give the virgin hair weave a conditioning treatment by applying a natural oil such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or grape-seed oil along the entire length. Alternatively, apply the moisturizing conditioner to the hair. Leave either the oil or conditioner on the hair for 30 minutes under a shower cap.

Step 2:Washing your wig Wash the human hair weave with a moisturizing shampoo. Use your fingers to carefully clean the scalp between tracks and rinse thoroughly.

Step 3:Moisturize your Wig Apply moisturizing conditioner from scalp to hair tips and apply extra conditioner to the ends. Allow the conditioner to sit for two to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly. When rinsing, cautiously undo any tangles in the weave with your fingers or with a comb.

Step 4:Conditioning your Wig Apply a deep conditioner and leave on for 15 minutes or more. Wear a shower cap to trap heat and aid in the conditioning or sit under a dryer. Once conditioned, rinse thoroughly, use fingers to untangle and squeeze out all excess water. Comb out the hair and allow it to air dry for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Apply a moisturizing product along the entire length and apply extra to the ends. Also, apply a dime-sized amount of thermal product to protect hair during the styling process.

Step 5:Drying your Wig Blow-dry hair with low heat using a comb to aid hair drying. Follow up with a brush to straighten. Style hair with a flat iron for a straight hair look or with a curling iron to produce curls and waves. Start from the front of your head and work backward until the entire head is completed.

Step 6:When you sleep Wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head at night to keep hair from drying out on cotton pillowcases and bedsheets. Alternatively, use silk or satin pillowcases and bedsheets.

Who can resist the attraction of long big wave hair? In order to create a pretty big wave look we need to re-style the curls which are not difficult to achieve. Here are 4 simple steps into achieving the big wave.
1. Get some oil to humidity your hair.
2. Heat up a large-barrel curling iron, set it around 400 degrees. (ps. the larger the barrel, the looser your waves will look. )
3. Separate your hair into sections evenly and wrap it around the curling iron one by one.
4. Finally, fluff the hair with fingers to give a natural wave.

Hair information:

Product link:https://www.doubleleafwig.com/doubleleafwig-body-wave-13x4-5-lace-front-wig-with-pre-plucked-hairline-bleached-knots-glueless-hd-lace-virgin-human-hair-wigs-db215.html

Hair Type: Brazilian Virgin Human Hair
Hair Density: 150%
Hair Color: Natural Color
Hair Texture: Body Wave
Lace Color: Medium Brown
Cap Size: Medium

We've all heard of the standard haircut rule. The one that says you're supposed to get a haircut every 6-8 weeks. However, that rule doesn't apply to everyone, especially not too curly or kinky-haired girls. Curly and kinky textures usually require more day to daycare, but less trims. How often you should get a trim depends on a lot of things including hair type, texture, length, and how often you use styling tools. It also depends on the goals you have set forth for your hair. For example, if you want to retain length then cutting your hair every 6-8 weeks may not work best for you. So how often should you cut your hair? Read the 4 tips below to find out.

1. If your curls are damaged or you are currently transitioning it's recommended to get a trim every eight weeks.

2. If you have 3C-4C hair it's recommended to get a trim every 12 weeks to keep your curls hydrated an refreshed. 

3. Supposing that you are trying to maintain a short afro, you should get a haircut every 4-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Keep in mind that hair typically grows an average of 1/2 inch every 4 weeks. 

4. Want to grow your hair out and it's already pretty healthy? Getting a trim 2-3 times a year will suffice. 

Quality virgin hair extensions are an investment. With proper care, your bundles can last you well over a year. True Glory Hair was built on a reputation of quality hair, hence why we still have customers telling us they have had their hair for over 5 years! While our hair does last a long time, we wanted to put together a list of 4 simple things you can do to ensure your bundles last you as long as possible.

1. Co-wash your extensions

Co-washing your hair will remove any dirt, oil, and product build-up and ensure the hair is soft, conditioned, and malleable which avoids breakage. You can also opt for a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo to remove build-up, however, use shampoo on your hair extensions sparingly because just like the hair on your own head, too much shampoo can lead to dry, brittle hair.

2. Limit the use of heat

You know that constantly adding heat to your real hair leads to damage. Well, your virgin hair extensions were once on ahead of a donor and therefore should be treated as if it was your own. Adding too much heat to your virgin hair can lead to heart damage, dryness, and breakage. However unlike the hair on your own head that you can cut away the damage and grow back, once you damage your hair extensions there is no going back. When possible, always air-dry instead of blow-drying, for curls opt for curl formers or rollers instead of a curling wand, and if you have to use heat, always use a heat protector!

3. Protective styling

Similar to the hair growing out of your scalp, your virgin hair extensions are also susceptible to tangling when handled carelessly. Therefore it's best to identify and avoid scenarios where your hair is most likely to tangle. When going to bed use a silk bonnet or a silk pillowcase to avoid friction. When going swimming, heading to the gym, or playing sports, braid your extensions and tie them away. If you do find that your hair is tangled, don't be tempted to yank out the knots. Spray your hair with water and gently detangle from tips to root using a paddle brush.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

We cannot stress this enough, and moisturized hair is healthy hair. In order to extend the life of your hair extensions, keep them well moisturized. Remember that your natural oils from your own hair will not get to the extensions, you must manually add moisture and sealants to your bundles. Deep condition your hair extensions at least once every two weeks and on a daily bases use a water-based leave-in conditioner. For curly hair textures, add a light oil in your spray bottle like jojoba or grapeseed oil.

6. Don't buy a dark color wig if you want a light color.

If you want to get a light bright color, don't buy a black wig or a brown wig because you have to bleach it, which would result in it messing up like the hair wouldn't be as soft and as silky as it was. It's easier and quicker to get a blonde one and it's worth it.

7. Find a stylist to customize it for you before install.

To avoid messing up your wig, find a stylist to get them customized if you are not a professional. Let a stylist customize its stylist would customize the wig to your hairline, the front hairline, and the back. They will make sure you look realistic instead of your putting it on, looking all wiggy and horrible.

8. Find a stylist that does sew or glues

Some people doesn’t comfortable with the feeling of glue. Find a professional stylist will be of great help. There are some stylists only do sewings and some only do glues, just find a stylist that does sew or does glues help you with the look you are looking for.

9. Might be able to see a little lace  

You might be able to see the lace a little bit unless you have sufficient baby hair to cover it. You can see the lace a little bit but honestly, but if it is not closing up, it's so natural and realistic indeed as if you don't see the lace at all as long as the wig is installed properly

10. Lace wig does not last forever.

Lace wigs are not going to last forever. They are good protective styles but don't be thinking that you're gonna be able to rock it to death. Give it a year without even constant use, then it's time to pick up a new one.


DOUBLELEAFWIG Full Lace Wigs are all meticulously Premium Grade handcrafted human hair lace wigs. With the option of the pre-plucked hairline, these units are designed for the most natural appearance. This collection is made with 100% Remy or Virgin Hair of the highest quality available in various hair types, styles, textures, colors and curl patterns.  Our full lace cap construction allows for versatility of style, free parting and the ability to style the lace wig in an up-do or a high ponytail. Our full lace glueless lace cap comes with combs inside and adjustable stretch at the back which allows for these units to be worn and secured without any adhesive or glue.