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We've all heard of the standard haircut rule. The one that says you're supposed to get a haircut every 6-8 weeks. However, that rule doesn't apply to everyone, especially not too curly or kinky-haired girls. Curly and kinky textures usually require more day to daycare, but less trims. How often you should get a trim depends on a lot of things including hair type, texture, length, and how often you use styling tools. It also depends on the goals you have set forth for your hair. For example, if you want to retain length then cutting your hair every 6-8 weeks may not work best for you. So how often should you cut your hair? Read the 4 tips below to find out.

1. If your curls are damaged or you are currently transitioning it's recommended to get a trim every eight weeks.

2. If you have 3C-4C hair it's recommended to get a trim every 12 weeks to keep your curls hydrated an refreshed. 

3. Supposing that you are trying to maintain a short afro, you should get a haircut every 4-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Keep in mind that hair typically grows an average of 1/2 inch every 4 weeks. 

4. Want to grow your hair out and it's already pretty healthy? Getting a trim 2-3 times a year will suffice. 

6. Don't buy a dark color wig if you want a light color.

If you want to get a light bright color, don't buy a black wig or a brown wig because you have to bleach it, which would result in it messing up like the hair wouldn't be as soft and as silky as it was. It's easier and quicker to get a blonde one and it's worth it.

7. Find a stylist to customize it for you before install.

To avoid messing up your wig, find a stylist to get them customized if you are not a professional. Let a stylist customize its stylist would customize the wig to your hairline, the front hairline, and the back. They will make sure you look realistic instead of your putting it on, looking all wiggy and horrible.

8. Find a stylist that does sew or glues

Some people doesn’t comfortable with the feeling of glue. Find a professional stylist will be of great help. There are some stylists only do sewings and some only do glues, just find a stylist that does sew or does glues help you with the look you are looking for.

9. Might be able to see a little lace  

You might be able to see the lace a little bit unless you have sufficient baby hair to cover it. You can see the lace a little bit but honestly, but if it is not closing up, it's so natural and realistic indeed as if you don't see the lace at all as long as the wig is installed properly

10. Lace wig does not last forever.

Lace wigs are not going to last forever. They are good protective styles but don't be thinking that you're gonna be able to rock it to death. Give it a year without even constant use, then it's time to pick up a new one.


DOUBLELEAFWIG Full Lace Wigs are all meticulously Premium Grade handcrafted human hair lace wigs. With the option of the pre-plucked hairline, these units are designed for the most natural appearance. This collection is made with 100% Remy or Virgin Hair of the highest quality available in various hair types, styles, textures, colors and curl patterns.  Our full lace cap construction allows for versatility of style, free parting and the ability to style the lace wig in an up-do or a high ponytail. Our full lace glueless lace cap comes with combs inside and adjustable stretch at the back which allows for these units to be worn and secured without any adhesive or glue.