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You've no problem straightening your hair; getting that part down was easy. You look in the mirror, see that your hair passes the test, and walk out the door. But when the night is over, you walk back in and all of a sudden instead of you it's a frizz monster in the mirror looking back at you.

Method 1 The Basics

1. Grow your hair long. It's science -- the heavier your hair is, the more it will straighten out under its own weight. So if you want naturally straighter hair (not straight, straighter), grow it out. Shorter hair has more of a tendency to curl up.

2. Invest in a good blow dryer. The only reason those salons that only do blow-drying (seriously?) exist is because very few of us own a good blow dryer. It may seem silly, but "ionic" may not just be a marketing ploy. If you see it on the box, buy it. It may prevent further hair damage.

3. Nail down your blow-drying technique. You may think there's one way to blow dry your hair: point the blow dryer at your mop and go. But there's actually more to it to that and it's important that you do it correctly.

Method 2 As You Straighten

1. Wash your hair and blow-dry. Use your shampoo, conditioner, and straightening serum and follow your normal routine of lathering up. Bust out that nice hair dryer you just bought, the round brush, and get to work, starting from the nape of your neck.

2. Brush your hair out with a comb. This step may not be necessary if your hair responds well to blow-dryers and brushing. But if you have rather curly hair and tangles are common, give it an extra comb-through.

3. Straighten your hair a small section at a time. You may think you're saving time in the long run, but when you take large sections, you just wind up going over them again. Keep your sections to about 1" (2.5 cm) wide to get a more uniform, straightened-for-longer look. And you won't be exposing the strands to heat over and over -- just the one time.

4. Apply product. You've invested in a good hairdryer and a good flat iron, so it's high time to invest in some good products. Get a hair spray you know you like and some anti-frizz spray or gel that contains silicone.

370 lace wig is a new wig product released in 2019. It's an upgraded version of 13*6 lace front wigs and 360 wigs. It combines the advantages of 13x6 lace front wigs and 360 wigs. The newly developed 370 lace wig's cap structure combines the structural features of the 13*6 lace front wigs and 560 lace frontal wigs. It has a new upgrade natural hairline with 6-inch deep parting.

The 370 lace wig can be part of any way and styled like your own hair.
370 lace wigs will cost a bit more than 360 lace wigs. But the price you will pay is totally worth its value.

As a newly developed wig product, only a few  the companywide sellers sell 370 lace wigs now, click the below link to take a look at best-selling 370 lace wigs for now:


Curly hair is a great beauty asset, but it can be very difficult to style. For instance, it's difficult to cut curly hair in an interesting and attractive manner. If you are considering cutting bangs on your curly hair, be careful. Do it correctly so that your bangs look good whether they are blown out or allowed to dry naturally.

Dampen your hair using the spray bottle. It should not be sodden, but you should be able to easily comb through the hair. It is not necessary for the hair to be so wet that it hangs straight.

Arrange your hair as you would normally wear it. For example, if you part it on the side, then your part should be on the side now. This will help you see where your bangs will fall.

Pull the hair that you want to cut down across your face into bangs. Go easy at first. You can always cut more, but you cannot put hair back later.

Cut the bang slightly longer than you think that you want it to be. Depending on how curly your hair is, you might want to allow as much as an entire inch extra. When your hair dries, it will spring back into position. This is always an issue, even with straight hair, but curly hair requires much more leeway.

Angle your scissors at about a forty-five-degree angle. Because you have curls, you are simply unable to have a straight bang without flat ironing your hair. The angle will let your wear your bangs naturally as well as styled.

Check your results. As your hair dries, monitor your results. If they are not quite what you hoped, then re-wet your hair using the spray bottle and trim a little more. It is far better to have this take several tries than to hurry through the first time.

Who can resist the attraction of long big wave hair? In order to create a pretty big wave look we need to re-style the curls which are not difficult to achieve. Here are 4 simple steps into achieving the big wave.
1. Get some oil to humidity your hair.
2. Heat up a large-barrel curling iron, set it around 400 degrees. (ps. the larger the barrel, the looser your waves will look. )
3. Separate your hair into sections evenly and wrap it around the curling iron one by one.
4. Finally, fluff the hair with fingers to give a natural wave.

Hair information:

Product link:https://www.doubleleafwig.com/doubleleafwig-body-wave-13x4-5-lace-front-wig-with-pre-plucked-hairline-bleached-knots-glueless-hd-lace-virgin-human-hair-wigs-db215.html

Hair Type: Brazilian Virgin Human Hair
Hair Density: 150%
Hair Color: Natural Color
Hair Texture: Body Wave
Lace Color: Medium Brown
Cap Size: Medium

HD lace is a new kind of lace material that is lighter, softer, more delicate and more transparent than ordinary lace. It can integrate into our skin more perfectly and make the hairline more invisible.

For a while now, HD lace wigs have been very popular with our customers, most of whom are looking for a truly natural look and self-confidence to wear wigs. The unique reticulated appearance of the lace wig gives your wig a surprising welcome change.

This is a tube or torch lace fabric because there is no ring formation, but only yarn knot, so its production principle is completely different from warp knitted lace.

Only a few manufacturers in the world use these old machines to make mosquito nets - mainly in the UK.

For this reason, this kind of cloth is very expensive.

The machine used to make this lace is very old. It was invented in 1809 and has never been produced in a new version. In fact, like Swiss watches, they are difficult to industrialize.

It's very rare, like Rolls-Royce, and that's its pricing. Guess why many high-end wedding dresses are made of British lace (this fabric is really made in Britain) because it is so unique that only royalty or very wealthy Chinese can afford it.

The design of these lace wigs makes you look gorgeous and outstanding, like your natural hairline. Leave the illusion of healthy growth of hair.

Friday, September 27, 2019 12:34:45 AM America/Los_Angeles By double leafwig HD lace, Hair Wigs, Lace Wig, Human Hair Wig, Virgin Human Hair, Lace Front Wig, Pre-Plucked Hairline, 360 lace wig, Dream Swiss Lace, Lace Wigs,

We all like full lace wigs because they can give us the most realistic appearance like hair growing from the scalp. What's more, full lace wigs are more versatile, they can be either worn in a ponytail or a bun and still look realistic, considering the fact that there is lace all around the full cap. If you are new to lace wigs, especially full lace wigs, there are a few things you need to know before making a purchase. So today let's find out below.

1. You do not need to have hair to wear wigs.

If you want to go for a big chop or shave off wearing a wig, do it, girl! You don't have to have hair to get it for that. The wig would be pretty secure. At the same time, your hair will flourish underneath.

2. A full lace wig can be parted anywhere.

You can part your full lace wig as you like because a full lace wig can be parted anywhere, whatever it's a middle part or a side part.

3. Difference between full lace and a glueless full lace.

A full lace wig is all lace and all hair, so you have to glue it down. A glueless full lace has combs inside and adjustable straps on both sides which allows you to install the wig without any glue.  If you would like to put on wig real quick without having to glue it down, then a glueless full lace wig must be a good choice.

4. Get a lighter lace, not a darker one.

You want the lace to be light than dark because you can easily lighten lace but it's not that easy to darken it. To lighten it, just slapping some bleach on lace won't help. Also, it wouldn't look right when you put a concealer or foundation on it, which will gonna look all cakey. So just getting a lighter lace will make everything easy.

5. Get a bigger cap, not a smaller one.

You would rather get a bigger cap than a smaller one. Because if a cap is too big there are so many ways to fix, such as making it a little bit tighter with a glue, might be a little loop but you could easily sew down or cut it and sew it back. While if your cap is too small, cutting and extending is the only choice.

Since nowadays, everybody is using wigs it has somehow become a fashion competition. The designers and sellers are catering to the people with a wide array of variant wigs categorized on the hair material, hairstyle, hair color, hair cap and so on. But the irony of the fact remains that though everyone is using wigs still everyone wants others to think that the hairdo is done on their natural-born hair. So what to do if you want your wig to look and feel like your own natural or real hair? Well, the solution is quite simple actually. You just have to follow the following pointers when you are buying or handling your wigs.

You must always buy wigs from an exclusive wig retailer. These kinds of shops offer a variety of choices for the customers as their pricing is proportionate with the quality of the wigs all year round, unlike the costume shops. You may also get some seasonal discounts here.

Trimming your wig is quite unorthodox but definitely a sure way to make your wig your own part. You can also get your wig trimmed and styled by a hair professional.

Dyeing the wigs in different colors every now and then will give them - “you’re original” feel. Dyeing a wig with a natural hair color makes it is more real and to boot, it retains the color more than actual hair.

By tweezing the side parts, the mid rift, the hairline gives the wig a real look. This out of the box styling tip is applicable for only those with sound experience in hair makeovers.

The newly bought wigs have an extra bit of synthetic shine. If you powder it frequently for a tad the shine fades and the natural tone creeps in.

The wigs brushed with a wet wide-toothed hairbrush last long and presents a detangled real hair feel.

For further natural feel, you can always style your wigs with heat equipment like curler or straightener or simple permit up with a steam blow. This process is applicable to human hair wigs only.

Increasing the volume of the hair in your wigs with wig enhancers is also a way to give natural look to your wigs.

1. Use a comb.

Be sure to only use a comb on curly or natural hair. A brush can damage the hair cuticle and will make curls frizzier and less defined. The best tool to use for curly hair is a wide-toothed comb.

2. Don’t comb dry hair.

Never comb curly hair when it's dry. You may have noticed that curly hair becomes frizzy when it's brushed or combed when dry. Make sure to only comb curly hair after showering

3. Apply a deep conditioner or mousse meant for curly hair.

Curly hair is drier than straight hair, so it needs all the moisture it can get. Products meant specifically for curly hair deliver this moisture to curly hair for more defined curls. You also may try applying argan oil or another kind of oil at the tips of curly hair. The tips of your hair are the driest part of your hair and need special attention.

4. Comb from the ends and work your way up.

Just like with straight hair, you want to start brushing near the tips of the hair and work your way up. Curly hair is especially prone to tangling, so it’s important to not start from the roots. If you encounter tangles, do not yank the comb through them. Even if it untangles the knot, using too much force can mess up the pattern of the curl and make curly hair look frizzier.

5. Brush from the roots to the bottom.

Once you have worked your way up to the roots, brush a couple strokes down from the roots to the tips of the hair shaft. Because the hair is wet, you won’t distribute as much healthy oil from the scalp as you would if it were dry, but it is still an important step in making curly hair healthy.

Doubleleafwig is one of the leading suppliers of virgin hair in China. Focusing on various virgin hair, closure, frontals, wigs, clip in hair, micro loop, U/I tip, tape hair. Specializing in high-quality human hair products for 16 years.
 Products’ quality is their life. They specialize in six testing process which includes tangle test, shedding test, styling test, bleach test, service life test, and marcel test. Their product quality keeps stable all the time, which helps them win the high praise from their customers, they only provide the top-quality products to help you expand your business. 

They have many products in stock for your urgent need, response in 12 hours and they send out products ordered in one workday. They are working hard to become more professional as a supplier.  

Doubleleafwig is an audited 100% virgin hair factory supplier and here are some things you need to know about their hair:

1. 100% virgin human hair, no fiber, no synthetic

2. No chemical process, full cuticle aligned, could be dyed or bleached 

3. Well constructed double weft to ensure no shedding 

4. Curl holding after washing

5. It could be flat ironed and restyled.

Very good customer service

Nice packaging

Quality hair which is tangle-free

Full hair volume

Hair can be used more than once

The purpose of a conditioner is to help make hair easier to comb and have fewer tangles. It works by adding moisture and coating the hair shaft.

When it comes to choosing a hair conditioner, make sure you choose one that's for your hair type, as some conditioners work better for those with normal hair, while other conditioners work better for those with weak hair that needs to strengthen.

After you wash your hair, apply enough hair conditioner to lightly coat the hair. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to work the condition through to the ends, gently detangling your hair as you go. Leave the conditioner in your hair for about 15-20minutes before you rinse then off.

So, how do you use the hair conditioner ? We noticed that many ladies simply apply the hair conditioner on their hair and rinse it out immediatly. That's not the correct way to condition your hair - you will need to leave it on for some time forit to "work".