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When hair looks like shit, it can ruin even the best of days. But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can better things using hair tools. Whether it’s a detangling brush or hairdryer, or accessories, we’ve scoured to bring you the best seven hair tools. Find out more about these solutions to cure your bad hair days for a lifetime.

Seven Tips To Manage Bad Hair Days:

Here are the best answers:

1. Hair Dryer:

Let’s face it-we do not have all the time in the morning to style hair. And for days when your hair refuses to budge, you need a quick fix like a hairdryer. The blowout tool is great to detangle, nip frizz, and smoothen hair. All in all, it is a great tool to achieve the cool-girl hairdo in no time.

2. Detangling Hair Brush:
A detangling brush unties knots and hair tangles without pulling hair, thus minimizing damage. These brushes are ideal for dry or wet hair. They are great when your tangles need an extra boost of T.L.C. You may select a brush that features soft nylon features for best use.

3. Flat Iron:
The flat iron is a great tool if your hair is acting up. A good branded one won’t damage your precious tresses. You may want to gravitate towards wider straighteners and also cut down on time spent styling your hair.

4. Dry Shampoo:
Using a dry shampoo can instantly boost volume and revive limp hair. A little blast of the product at your roots can instantly add volume while absorbing excess oil. Use it when you wish to refresh hair on a particular crazy hair day or second-day hair.

5. Hair Accessories:
Nothing says, “I am fixing a rough hair day” like hair accessories wrapped around your head. Hair fixtures like bobby pins, headbands, barrettes, etc when worn look intentional rather than trying to conceal something.

6. Texturizing Spray:
A texturing spray is one of the best products to own because of its multitasking purpose. They do everything from preserving a blowout, boosting volume, and absorbing oil on bad-hair-days. You will be amazed to see how refreshes your hair feels with unbeatable lightness and movability.

7. Microfiber Towels:
Frizz is a common hair problem, and most times unavoidable. Sad, but true! However, you can fix the same by replacing your regular towel with microfiber towels. Use these towels to gently squeeze out wet hair. Make sure not to rub the hair as the friction may lead to frizz.

These are the best tools to extend effortless hairstyles for days and have control over your tresses.

What is Virgin Hair?

Doubleleafwig is the highest quality hair on the market. It cannot have gone through any kind of chemical processing, so this hair when you purchase it, it has not been permed, colored treated, dyed, bleached, blow-dried, steam-treated or gone through any other chemical processing.

It has not been exposed to any kind of harsh agents and the cuticles all still have to be intact and running the same direction. Virgin hair is also much easier to color hair that doesn’t already have dye on it.

Characteristics of Virgin hair:

1. No chemical treatment

2. The cuticle is not destroyed

3. The first order of hair is the same

4. From the same donor

5. Can acquire hot

How to care for blonde hair? How to maintain the perfect blonde shade?

1. Keep it Hydrated

It is recommended to invest in a good leave-in conditioner and/or deep repair mask to help bring dry brittle hair back to life. And, deep treatments/hair masks are a great way to restore the moisture stripped from hair during the coloring process.

2. Protect it

(a). Protect it from the heat

Avoid using a blow dryer as much as possible. In general, the less heat styling, the better! Lifting hair color to achieve a lighter blonde shade requires your hair cuticle to be stripped. Once the cuticle has been stripped, it will be difficult for your hair to hold onto the nutrients your scalp produces. Thus, you will have dry and brittle hair. Adding an excessive amount of heat styling to your hair really damages and dulls your shine. It is recommended to give your hair a little vacation from heat styling, every once in a while, by styling your hair in a cute bun, updo, or braid. You have to use a heat protectant spray when styling your hair and never ever skip on a deep conditioning treatment if you are addicted to heat.

(b). Keep it out of the sun

Sun not only can damage your skin but also damage your blond hair. And, harmful UV rays can dry out your locks, and turn your beautiful blonde shade a brassy shade of orange. Therefore, you had better wear a hat if you are planning a fun day in the sun.

3. Make it last

As we know, over time, even natural elements can cause your cool tresses to become brassy. Therefore, you can use some special shampoo to make your color last. For instance, you can use Purple Shampoo to combat these brassy tones and leave your locks the cool ashy tone you paid big bucks to achieve, for the shade purple is directly opposite of the shade yellow on the color wheel.

We've all heard of the standard haircut rule. The one that says you're supposed to get a haircut every 6-8 weeks. However, that rule doesn't apply to everyone, especially not too curly or kinky-haired girls. Curly and kinky textures usually require more day to daycare, but less trims. How often you should get a trim depends on a lot of things including hair type, texture, length, and how often you use styling tools. It also depends on the goals you have set forth for your hair. For example, if you want to retain length then cutting your hair every 6-8 weeks may not work best for you. So how often should you cut your hair? Read the 4 tips below to find out.

1. If your curls are damaged or you are currently transitioning it's recommended to get a trim every eight weeks.

2. If you have 3C-4C hair it's recommended to get a trim every 12 weeks to keep your curls hydrated an refreshed. 

3. Supposing that you are trying to maintain a short afro, you should get a haircut every 4-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Keep in mind that hair typically grows an average of 1/2 inch every 4 weeks. 

4. Want to grow your hair out and it's already pretty healthy? Getting a trim 2-3 times a year will suffice. 

HD lace is a new kind of lace material that is lighter, softer, more delicate and more transparent than ordinary lace. It can integrate into our skin more perfectly and make the hairline more invisible.

For a while now, HD lace wigs have been very popular with our customers, most of whom are looking for a truly natural look and self-confidence to wear wigs. The unique reticulated appearance of the lace wig gives your wig a surprising welcome change.

This is a tube or torch lace fabric because there is no ring formation, but only yarn knot, so its production principle is completely different from warp knitted lace.

Only a few manufacturers in the world use these old machines to make mosquito nets - mainly in the UK.

For this reason, this kind of cloth is very expensive.

The machine used to make this lace is very old. It was invented in 1809 and has never been produced in a new version. In fact, like Swiss watches, they are difficult to industrialize.

It's very rare, like Rolls-Royce, and that's its pricing. Guess why many high-end wedding dresses are made of British lace (this fabric is really made in Britain) because it is so unique that only royalty or very wealthy Chinese can afford it.

The design of these lace wigs makes you look gorgeous and outstanding, like your natural hairline. Leave the illusion of healthy growth of hair.

Friday, September 27, 2019 12:34:45 AM America/Los_Angeles By double leafwig HD lace, Hair Wigs, Lace Wig, Human Hair Wig, Virgin Human Hair, Lace Front Wig, Pre-Plucked Hairline, 360 lace wig, Dream Swiss Lace, Lace Wigs,

Quality virgin hair extensions are an investment. With proper care, your bundles can last you well over a year. True Glory Hair was built on a reputation of quality hair, hence why we still have customers telling us they have had their hair for over 5 years! While our hair does last a long time, we wanted to put together a list of 4 simple things you can do to ensure your bundles last you as long as possible.

1. Co-wash your extensions

Co-washing your hair will remove any dirt, oil, and product build-up and ensure the hair is soft, conditioned, and malleable which avoids breakage. You can also opt for a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo to remove build-up, however, use shampoo on your hair extensions sparingly because just like the hair on your own head, too much shampoo can lead to dry, brittle hair.

2. Limit the use of heat

You know that constantly adding heat to your real hair leads to damage. Well, your virgin hair extensions were once on ahead of a donor and therefore should be treated as if it was your own. Adding too much heat to your virgin hair can lead to heart damage, dryness, and breakage. However unlike the hair on your own head that you can cut away the damage and grow back, once you damage your hair extensions there is no going back. When possible, always air-dry instead of blow-drying, for curls opt for curl formers or rollers instead of a curling wand, and if you have to use heat, always use a heat protector!

3. Protective styling

Similar to the hair growing out of your scalp, your virgin hair extensions are also susceptible to tangling when handled carelessly. Therefore it's best to identify and avoid scenarios where your hair is most likely to tangle. When going to bed use a silk bonnet or a silk pillowcase to avoid friction. When going swimming, heading to the gym, or playing sports, braid your extensions and tie them away. If you do find that your hair is tangled, don't be tempted to yank out the knots. Spray your hair with water and gently detangle from tips to root using a paddle brush.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

We cannot stress this enough, and moisturized hair is healthy hair. In order to extend the life of your hair extensions, keep them well moisturized. Remember that your natural oils from your own hair will not get to the extensions, you must manually add moisture and sealants to your bundles. Deep condition your hair extensions at least once every two weeks and on a daily bases use a water-based leave-in conditioner. For curly hair textures, add a light oil in your spray bottle like jojoba or grapeseed oil.

6. Don't buy a dark color wig if you want a light color.

If you want to get a light bright color, don't buy a black wig or a brown wig because you have to bleach it, which would result in it messing up like the hair wouldn't be as soft and as silky as it was. It's easier and quicker to get a blonde one and it's worth it.

7. Find a stylist to customize it for you before install.

To avoid messing up your wig, find a stylist to get them customized if you are not a professional. Let a stylist customize its stylist would customize the wig to your hairline, the front hairline, and the back. They will make sure you look realistic instead of your putting it on, looking all wiggy and horrible.

8. Find a stylist that does sew or glues

Some people doesn’t comfortable with the feeling of glue. Find a professional stylist will be of great help. There are some stylists only do sewings and some only do glues, just find a stylist that does sew or does glues help you with the look you are looking for.

9. Might be able to see a little lace  

You might be able to see the lace a little bit unless you have sufficient baby hair to cover it. You can see the lace a little bit but honestly, but if it is not closing up, it's so natural and realistic indeed as if you don't see the lace at all as long as the wig is installed properly

10. Lace wig does not last forever.

Lace wigs are not going to last forever. They are good protective styles but don't be thinking that you're gonna be able to rock it to death. Give it a year without even constant use, then it's time to pick up a new one.


DOUBLELEAFWIG Full Lace Wigs are all meticulously Premium Grade handcrafted human hair lace wigs. With the option of the pre-plucked hairline, these units are designed for the most natural appearance. This collection is made with 100% Remy or Virgin Hair of the highest quality available in various hair types, styles, textures, colors and curl patterns.  Our full lace cap construction allows for versatility of style, free parting and the ability to style the lace wig in an up-do or a high ponytail. Our full lace glueless lace cap comes with combs inside and adjustable stretch at the back which allows for these units to be worn and secured without any adhesive or glue. 

Know when to wash. People often make the mistake of thinking that they need to wash their hair every day, but washing hair too often can actually dry hair out, or weigh it down with product. For most people, washing your hair twice a week is adequate.

  • The longer, thicker, curlier, and more processed your hair, the longer it can go between washes.
  • If your hair gets oily very quickly and you must wash every day, use a lightweight or "every day" shampoo, as these contain milder detergents than others

Use conditioner. Always use a good conditioner after you shampoo. Conditioner will provide moisture for your hair while making it softer and more manageable. It will also make your hair easier to brush out after the shower, thus causing less damage. Only apply conditioner to the ends and mid-lengths of your hair, otherwise, your hair will look greasy.

  • Use a leave-in conditioner at least once a week. Leave-in conditioners penetrate deep into your hair cuticles to heal them more completely.
  • Try using a leave-in conditioner spray after you shower. The spray will make your hair more pliable and easier to detangle.
  • Every so often, try using a deep conditioning treatment. You can use deep conditioning treatments like olive oil, argan oil, avocado oil or coconut oil.

Use a comb. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage than dry hair, it is more elastic and more likely to break. Since hair is most fragile when it's wet, you shouldn't rip a brush through it after washing. Instead, you should spray some detangler on it, and then use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles and minimize breakage.

  • Remember to start from the ends up, not from the roots down.
  • Once hair is dry, avoid unnecessary brushing, combing or handling.
  • Using your fingers to comb through your hair while wet can cause damage and hair loss. Make sure to wait until after your shower to comb out any tangles.

Don't towel dry hair. As hair is more fragile when wet, roughly towel drying hair can cause damage. Rubbing wet hair with a towel can rough up the cuticle (outer layer of the hair), causing more breakage and leading to frizzy or fluffy hair.

  • Instead of rubbing, trying blotting your hair with a towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Invest in a super absorbent towel that you can wrap around hair after washing.

A human hair wig although it comes at quite an expensive price tag, it is still much more preferred by most ladies over synthetic wigs primarily because of the best quality, looks more natural and long-lasting. Using a human hair wig allows the user to dye their hair which is not possible with synthetic hair wigs. Although some precautions are necessary in this regard and connection, the procedure is fairly simple. There is a vital component of attention to detail involved while keeping in mind the instructions as given by the manufacturers while applying dye to a human hair wig. Below discussed are some basic precautions while dying a human hair wig.

Before proceeding to dye, a human hair wig must be washed thoroughly to clean every strand and remove any unwanted dirt build-up from the accumulation of dust and oils. After the wig is washed to clear every strand of dirt, it is then let out to dry or blow-dried to complete dryness. Next, using a large-tooth comb to segregate the human hair wig into four distinct sections, the hair on the wig is combed through to keep untangled and separated so that they do not run into knots.

Using a homemade coloring recipe, empty the colors and mix it in an open bowl with a spatula or mixing spoon. In case one uses a readymade hair coloring kit, it is even easier to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on the product case and proceed on those directions. However, the crux or premises of the entire process remain similar more or less, i.e. diluting the concentrated coloring dye with an appropriate thinning agent. To subtle things out an after coloring conditioner is used on many an occasion. It is advisable and strongly recommended to be wearing gloves while handling hair color and related chemicals. Also maintaining air circulation and good ventilation may eliminate any chances of suffocation from stagnation of harmful chemicals in the immediate atmospheric system.

Carefully drape the wig on a mannequin head to ensure complete attention to detail why dyeing. Pulling and tugging the wig at the front to ensure it is secure; the color in mixed in an open bowl and slowly add color beginning with the top of the wig. The top of the wig is the origin or root of any wig. When applying dye or hair color to a wig, it is recommended to always begin at the top and move to cover the rest of the crown. Once arriving at the crown portion of the wig, every section of the hair is segregated and separately colored or dyed till the entire wig is completed.

Once the entire wig is covered completely in uniform layers and shade of the hair color or dye, it is allowed to sit back and dry. The drying process is not required for more than 25 minutes at the very most. Allowing the dye to sit for over 25 minutes may spoil the finishing look and appeal of the final product. Once the color has dried off, wash off the excess and remaining by applying a light mask of hair conditioner to the wig for 3 minutes. Dry the wig and rinsing the conditioner off and then proceed to style as desired.

Have you ever wondered what impact your hair part can really have on your face? Have you known that DoubleleafWig offers so many different shades of FREE-PART hair toppers that you can freely part your hair apart? Today, let’s explore all the different ways that you can part your hair Toppers to change your image up.

1.The Middle Part

For the very first hair part, we have the middle part. To measure where the middle of my head is, I take my comb and position it in the middle of my brows and sliding the comb up to create my hair part! If you have a lot of baby hair like me, you need to make sure to separate them, so the middle part is clearer. The middle part definitely gives my face more of a sleek and chick look and frames my rounder face to look a lot longer.

2.The Side Part

The next hair part is a side part. I position my comb right at the center of my brow and slide the comb up to create the hair part line. This look definitely gives off more of a girly feel. The side part also gives the illusion of more hair volume and length to the eye. I normally gravitate towards the right-side part look and you can also try this hair part on the opposite side, and you will see the huge difference in the way you look as well.

3.The Extreme Side Part

The last hair part is called the extreme side part. I place my comb above the end of my brow and slide the comb up to create my hair part. Because I have lots of baby hair, I also make sure that all the baby hair is separated ad that there’s a clean line. I usually use hair oil serum and take only one drop and rub that in my hands and cleaning clean up the hair part. If you shift all of your hair to one side, you’ll see that this parting is seen styled on a lot of celebrities on the red carpet. Your cheekbones are center stage and you can definitely see a gorgeous and sleek image.

Thanks for reading. Please comment down below which hair part you prefer and feel free to leave your advice and suggestion if you want!