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Long hair can be either a wonder to behold or a tangled nightmare.

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Having a perfect hair day doesn’t happen all the time for most of us. Sometimes, when all those good vibes aline with the stars in the sky, and you pull out the perfect beach waves or smooth look you have always wanted, the last thing you need is nowhere to go. Here are four tips to help you make the most of your perfect style when you don’t have any plans.

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Wig tape is incredibly versatile! From wrapping presents to holding parts of a dress in place, plenty of people use it for objects and activities other than wigs. But how do you go about applying wig tape that's long-lasting and correctly placed?

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1. You can achieve different hair looks whenever you like

Hair Extensions, of course, add length and texture to your hair. However, you can also use them as an accessory. With extensions, you can work with creating different looks whenever you like. Whether you like to have simple french braids or even a full bun, it’s never impossible when you have hair extensions.

2. You can add color to your hair without the commitment

Whether it’s adding ombre, highlights, or even bright colors, all hair colors are unique in their own way. However, sometimes it’s hard to take the plunge since you are worried it will look bad or it will damage your hair. With that being said, hair extensions are a great alternative to adding color to your hair. The best part about it? If you are tired of the look or don’t like it, you can simply remove your hair extensions!

3. They cause no damage

Clip-in extensions and of course our own Hidden Crown extensions are great since they are not permanently in your hair and there is no change of thinning or breakage too.

4. They are easy to apply

Sometimes you oversleep and need a little pizazz to your hair. Great thing about extensions is that you can just clip them on and you can style them whatever your heart desires. Using hair extensions can save time for your hair to look bomb digital!

5. Adds length to your hair

It’s of course on of the obvious but one of the best things about hair extensions is to add length to your hair. Sometimes it can get frustrating when your hair doesn’t grow to a certain point regardless of the amount of care you do. However, hair extensions can add that long hair you’ve always been anticipating for.

6. Increase the volume of your hair

Sometimes it can be difficult to add volume to your hair especially if your hair is thinning or you suffer from hair loss. With that being said, hair extensions can add instant volume to your hair making it dramatically thick!

I hope these 6 reasons convince you to grab you some hair extensions and to wear them whenever your heart desires!

Knotted and tangled hair doesn’t just look messy: it can also be painful and difficult to comb out, and it can lead to a great deal of breakage. There are many things that can cause tangled hair, including particular hairstyles and heat products, but knots can also occur in the shower or when you dry your hair. Tightly curled hair is even more prone to knots, and it can also be difficult to keep long hair tangle-free. There are ways to remove knots once they form, but if possible, it’s always best to take preventative measures that will stop knots before they form.

1. Brush your hair before you wash it. Always use a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush with plastic-tipped bristles, and comb through your hair before showering. This will help stop your hair from tangling when you wash it.

As a general rule of thumb, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet, as wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your hair.

2. Shampoo properly. Wash your hair by focusing your shampooing on the scalp, rather than the hair, and never pile your hair on top of your scalp. Use a natural shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates or harsh detergents, as these can dry out your hair.

When you wash your hair, work the shampoo in a downward motion from the roots to the tips. Do not work the shampoo up the hair as this can cause the hair to tangle more.

Don’t wash your hair every day, as this can strip your hair of oils, leaving it dry and more prone to breakage.

3. Condition after you shampoo. After you shampoo, work a conditioner into your hair with your fingers and remove any tangles. When you have removed all the knots, gently comb through with a wide-toothed comb. This will detangle your hair without breaking the strands.

It is important that you use a comb and not a brush for this step.

If you have thick, coarse, and tightly curled hair, condition your hair twice daily as opposed to just once. Condition once in the morning or after you shampoo your hair, and again before bed with a moisturizer, leave-in conditioner, or dry conditioner.

4. Dry your hair gently. Instead of wrapping, twisting, or rubbing your hair, gently squeeze it with a microfiber towel to get out the excess moisture. It’s also best to avoid heat products, such as blow dryers and flat irons, which can dry out your hair and leave it prone to damage and tangling.

If you must blow dry your hair, towel and air dry it until the hair is mostly dry. This will help cut down on the blow dryer time.

If using a hairdryer, never point the nozzle up towards the roots. Instead, work it down the strands towards the tips to help protect the cuticle of your hair.

5. Moisturize hair regularly. Healthy and moisturized hair is less likely to knot and tangle, so along with regular conditioning, try a weekly hair mask or deep conditioning.

To deep condition, work a quarter-sized dollop of deep conditioner into your hair. Wrap your head with a shower cap or plastic wrap, and allow it to rest for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing.

6. Seal the tips of your hair. After you condition your hair, apply a hair butter or oil to the tips. This will seal in the moisturizing conditioner and help smooth and relax the ends of the hair, thereby preventing them from coiling around themselves and forming knots.

Another way to seal your hair is to switch your hairdryer to its cool setting. Blow the cool air over your hair, starting up near the roots and moving downwards towards the tips.

This step can be skipped if you have fine or medium hair but should be followed for hair that’s thick, coarse, and tightly curled.

7. Gently stretch the ends of your hair. This is particularly useful for tightly curled hair, as the stretching will prevent the hair from coiling around itself and forming single-strand knots. You can stretch the tips of your hair by wrapping the ends around rollers.

You can also protect your hair from knots by using hairstyles that stretch your hair, such as twists, braids, and buns.

Whether you have a lot of hair, a little hair or no hair beneath a wig, it can be challenging to keep a wig from slipping while you are wearing it. A wig cap can help immeasurably to keep a wig in place and prevent it from shifting. Not only is a wig cap useful for securing a wig, but it also helps keep your wig clean because it serves as a barrier between your head and the wig.

1. Pin your hair up tightly against your head with bobby pins if you have long hair. You may not need to clip shorter hair up with pins; however, any hair that you can secure against your head will make it easier to put your wig on.

2. Place the wig cap over your pinned hair. Stretch the wig cap over your head, either from the back to the front or from the front to the back. Placing a wig cap over your head is similar to placing a swim cap on your head--both caps are quite tight and you must stretch them over your head. Tuck any existing hair up under the wig cap after you stretch the wig cap over your head.

3. Insert bobby pins through the wig cap and into your hair underneath, if applicable. If you do not have hair beneath the wig cap, skip this step.

4. Place the wig onto your head over the wig cap. Lift the hair of the wig up to show the underside of the wig and insert bobby pins over the mesh under the wig to secure the wig to the wig cap. Insert bobby pins at the front, side and back of the wig to hold the wig securely to the wig cap.

Knowing how to recondition wigs keeps you looking your best when you need to wear them. Reconditioning makes an old, matted wig look new, shiny and silky. Using minimal materials you can recondition wigs with ease at home. This eliminates the need for professional cleaning services. It also saves you from having to purchase new wigs.

1. Fill a 20-oz. spray bottle with 5 oz. of heavy cream hair conditioner. Use a dense conditioner that is formulated for dry and damaged hair. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water. Secure the lid on the bottle and vigorously shake it to disperse the conditioner throughout the water.

2. Lightly spray the entire surface of the wig with the solution.

3. Use the wide-tooth comb to gently detangle the wig. Start at the ends, combing downward, and work your way up. Spray the hair a second time, if needed, without saturating it. Comb the hair with the wide-tooth comb until it is smooth and free of knots.

4. Rub a small amount of olive oil between the palms of your hands. Smooth your hands evenly over the wig.

5. Run the comb through the hair a final time. This distributes the light application of olive oil through the hair of the wig and gives it a healthy-looking sheen.

Medical wig

Generally applicable to the customers had experienced head surgery or chemotherapy, after the first is required for this customer wig more comfortable, because the net bottom direct contact with the scalp, so the wig use fabrics more demanding, generally used in A kind of material to contact with the skin. Soft materials are more suitable for skin without causing inflammation and irritation.

Good air permeability is helped heal the wound, the top of the head pore can be free to breathe.

You should have good stability after wearing them.

Traditional clips cannot be used and the best option is to use the elasticity of the fabric to secure a wig.

The hair is more natural and healthy.

The fidelity requirement is higher.

The location of the distribution line is often used for hand delivery.

Fashion wig

Fashion wigs require more hairstyles, generally more suitable for white hair, or frequent hair coloring, often changing the hairstyle of customers.

Many customers pursue the novel, changeable, more styles fashion wig, suitable for different occasions, so hairstyle is the first choice.

Wear a fashion wig and fix your hair, so the cap is usually about 1~2cm larger than your head.

Fashion wigs suit to match for many different occasions, so the wig-wearing time is not too long. The requirement of the process of fashion wigs are less strict than medical wigs. So the process cost is cheaper than medical wigs. However, if it is worn for a long time, are advised to choose a hand-woven technology of permeability is better.

Wigs are easy and convenient to wear and style especially when you don’t want to do too much damage to your own hair. And if you are a beginner of wigs, there are some points you need to know before buying a wig.

Firstly, hairstyle.

We usually do not want to take a risk to change our look. If you feel different from your wig, then it’s ok. You can try some styles and colors that you think may suit you.

Secondly, the color.

You can choose whatever color you like, however, a safe color that you feel comfortable with is highly recommended. For the most natural look, we usually suggest natural black or rooted one or wigs with highlight.

Thirdly, the time you can spend on styling your wigs.

If it is a wig that needs a lot of time to style, then you should think that it may not suitable for an everyday look.

Fourthly, your budget.

Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs. But human hair wigs are basically more durable and with better quality than synthetic ones.

Doubleleafwig offers the perfect wig

9A—Doubleleafwig 6" Deep Parting Front Wig Virgin Human Hair Silk Straight Pre-plucked Lace Front Wig D23

9A—Dominiqe A. Undetectable Lace Wig Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 6" Deep Part 360 Lace Wig With Transparent Dream Swiss Lace D22

Dominique A. Pre-plucked Dream Swiss Lace Glueless Curly Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs With Undetectable Lace D28

Human hair wigs for black women of all qualities, brands, and origins will change throughout the time you’ re are wearing them, however, they can be revived with the correct care to restore their manageability and appearance.

If your lace wigs are looking tired, you can help bring them back to life with a few quick and easy steps.

Step 1:Pre Wash Give the virgin hair weave a conditioning treatment by applying a natural oil such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or grape-seed oil along the entire length. Alternatively, apply the moisturizing conditioner to the hair. Leave either the oil or conditioner on the hair for 30 minutes under a shower cap.

Step 2:Washing your wig Wash the human hair weave with a moisturizing shampoo. Use your fingers to carefully clean the scalp between tracks and rinse thoroughly.

Step 3:Moisturize your Wig Apply moisturizing conditioner from scalp to hair tips and apply extra conditioner to the ends. Allow the conditioner to sit for two to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly. When rinsing, cautiously undo any tangles in the weave with your fingers or with a comb.

Step 4:Conditioning your Wig Apply a deep conditioner and leave on for 15 minutes or more. Wear a shower cap to trap heat and aid in the conditioning or sit under a dryer. Once conditioned, rinse thoroughly, use fingers to untangle and squeeze out all excess water. Comb out the hair and allow it to air dry for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Apply a moisturizing product along the entire length and apply extra to the ends. Also, apply a dime-sized amount of thermal product to protect hair during the styling process.

Step 5:Drying your Wig Blow-dry hair with low heat using a comb to aid hair drying. Follow up with a brush to straighten. Style hair with a flat iron for a straight hair look or with a curling iron to produce curls and waves. Start from the front of your head and work backward until the entire head is completed.

Step 6:When you sleep Wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head at night to keep hair from drying out on cotton pillowcases and bedsheets. Alternatively, use silk or satin pillowcases and bedsheets.